Using Exercise Videos to Maximize Your Energy

When a person is told to exercise, aerobic exercise is the first thing that comes to mind. This is probably because this type of exercise is more popular and most practiced. However, some of you might be surprised to know that there is another type of exercise, the anaerobic exercise. By looking at the words, it is easy to say that one involves oxygen and the other does not, but that does not tell much about how one differs from the other in the real sense. To help you understand, these two types of exercises will be discussed in detail here.

Anaerobic Exercise

-What is Anaerobic Exercise?

Anaerobic exercises are high-intensity activities that are done in a short span. They are called anaerobic because the body uses up more oxygen that what is available for use. Therefore, the body takes the energy it needs to do these activities from the energy stored in the muscles. Examples of anaerobic exercises are weight lifting and sprinting.

-How Does It Work?

High-intensity exercises are very vigorous that doing them continuously will make your body use up oxygen fast. It will come to a point where the body uses up more energy than what is supplied through normal breathing, so it will resort to using glycogen as fuel. When this state of oxygen shortage occurs, the body will start to produce lactic acid, which causes fatigue. This is why anaerobic exercises cannot be done for longer periods. Athletes who want to be able to prolong the exercise sometimes do some carbo-loading prior the activity because the sugar from the food can be an added source of energy, but this is not that necessary. Regular training can make changes to the body’s system, so that it is able to handle lactic acid better and delay the onset of fatigue. This is why people who lift weights can gradually carry more loads and do more repetitions.

-What are the Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise?

Anaerobic exercises can make you build more muscles, which in effect will boost your metabolism. For this reason, anyone who wants to lose weight should include anaerobic exercises in their program. Another benefit of anaerobic exercises is it improves the maximum amount of oxygen that you can use up during exercise. This will subsequently improve the cardio-respiratory health.

Aerobic Exercise

-What is Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercises are low to moderate intensity activities that can be performed for long periods. These activities are not so strenuous, which is why the oxygen supplied by your lungs as you breathe is more than enough to meet your body’s oxygen needs during the workout. Some examples of aerobic exercises are running, walking, swimming, and cycling.

-How Does Aerobic Exercise Work?

During an aerobic exercise, you tend to breathe more heavily to take in oxygen that will push your body to keep moving. Since you are only doing moderate movements, there is no shortage of oxygen, as what occurs in anaerobic exercises. Therefore, lactic acid is not produced, which is why you are able to sustain the activity for longer hours.

-What are the Benefits of Aerobic Exercise?

You can get plenty of benefits from aerobic exercises. First, it strengthens your lung muscles, which could mitigate lung problems that you already have, like asthma and emphysema. Second, it strengthens the heart. Aerobic exercises make you heart beat faster, making it stronger and bigger. In effect, the heart is able to deliver oxygen throughout the body efficiently, thus improving your overall health. Third, it improves your mood. Your body releases endorphins during an aerobic workout. This natural painkiller can make you feel better and elevate your moods. Fourth, it will make you burn fat and lose weight.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises in Tandem

Both types of exercises have its own set of benefits that the body needs to achieve optimum health. When you do any of these exercises, you should make sure that you follow the proper form. If you cannot go to the gym and get instructions from a trainer, you can always watch online exercise videos. These videos feature trainers who will teach you the correct way to do the exercises so that you can prevent any injury and get the best results from each exercise move that you do.

To get a hold of free online exercise videos, you can go to YouTube and do a simple search of the move you want to do. If you do not know what kind of exercise is best for certain parts of your body, you can visit Physical Fit Net’s website. By clicking on a body part, you will be shown 5 videos that you can follow. Another good source of free exercise videos is your TV. Several channels have a fitness show. You just need to know their schedules and be ready in your exercise gear when the show starts.

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