Grow Strong, Live Long: Fitness Secrets From The Experts

Exercise is a bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and health. It strengthens the muscles and the cardiovascular system. Exercise promotes weight loss and for the purpose of spending leisure time. If I were to choose a part of the day to exercise it would be the morning. There are several facts that explain why morning is the best part of the day to burn those calories. This article states reasons why exercising in the morning is effective than any part of the day.

The first reason is that exercising in the morning gives one person more energy throughout the day. If you make it a daily habit to exercise in the morning your body will be used to the energy you have each day. Always plan to have your exercise for about 4- 5 times a week every morning to maintain a good fit and have optimum health. And other than that when you exercise in the evening it will be difficult for you to have your sleep or even exercising in the late afternoon. But when you exercise in the morning, throughout the evening you feel sleepy and by then you will have a good sleep. Exercising in the morning improves sleep.
Another reason is that people who consistently exercise in the morning, makes it a routine or a habit. It all involves the person’s Circadian rhythm. The Circadian rhythm is roughly a 24-hour cycle in the physiological processes of living beings or what people call as body-clock. For example, we are used to wake up at 5am. Then if we have done this consecutively, our body-clock is like an alarm waking us up nearly the same time every day. So when we discipline ourselves to wake up every day and exercise for 30 minutes to 2 hours a day in the morning then our body will get used to it. If you wake up different times in a day it will result in confusing your body, try to make every activity you have at a particular time every day and things will be easier for you without any reminder. No need for alarm clocks and to do list.
Lastly, exercising in the morning regulates one’s appetite for the whole day. It also “jump starts” your metabolism and keeping it up for hours promoting easier weight loss for people who wants to be slim and fit.
So now, start to make your schedule and plan a to do list then throw it after several weeks then you might see improvements in your lifestyle. After you have read the reasons why you should exercise in the morning then do so. Exercise is very helpful no matter how young and old you are. It makes the body feel lighter and for your heart to feel happier. You can even add sum twist while exercising, you could exercise in a park near to you and start by kissing the sunrise. Or bring some neighbors with you. Stroll within your village, by then you can even have bonding time with them. Always remember, every minute and second of your day is important, make the most out of it and spend it as you’ve always wished to. Always celebrate the minutes of your life and thank every morning you were able to wake up.

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